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Fishing Siesta Key provides anglers, both local and visitors, with the resources needed to be successful fishing here on Siesta Key.  Current fishing conditions, fishing reports, monthly fishing forecasts, links to regulations, tide predictions, and weather forecasts are just some of the information that is available at Fishing Siesta Key.  Take advantage of the many years experience that Capt Jim brings to the visiting angler.

Siesta Key pompano

Siesta Key offers it's visitors many different angling opportunities for people of all ages and experience levels.  Surf fishing off of the area beaches can be very productive at times.  The back water areas are ususally best in the cooler months.  Big Pass lies at the north end and provides clean waster from the Gulf of Mexico.  Lush grass flats abound in this area.  Further south, oyster bars and mangrove shorelines are more prevalent.  Many anglers do quite well on their own, fishing from shore or renting a boat.  But, your odds improve significantly when going out with a full time fishing captain.

Siesta Key mackerel


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