Bluefish action on Siesta Key!

Bluefish are well known to anglers who fish the Atlantic coast.  Here in Sarasota, Florida, they do not grow as large but are hard-fighting, vicious gamefish.  Lures catch a lot of fish as blues are attracted to fast moving baits, but live bait will also catch plenty of fish.  Bluefish are found both inshore and in the Gulf, preferring areas of high salinity and clear water.  Blues usually school up, so once they are located it is usually “Game on!”  While bluefish are edible, they are strong and less desirable than many other species caught locally.  Enjoy the battle and let them go to please another angler.


Big Sarasota Pass near Siesta Key and the surrounding grass flats hold plenty og bluefish when they are moving through.  Blues are another pelagic species and are not found all season long, but when they are here they provide fantastic light tackle action!

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