Juvenile grouper are great fun!

Grouper come in two varieties here in Sarasota; red grouper and gag grouper but gags are the species that are most often caught in local inshore waters.  While grouper are more known for being an offshore species, quite a few are caught inshore, especially gag grouper.  They are structure-oriented and will be found near docks, bridges, rocks, and other structure with a little depth.  The deeper water in the passes produce for anglers, bridges, docks will also hold grouper


Live bait fools most of them, though they will hit a jig or plug.  In summer they school up and can be caught on the deep grass flats as they migrate out of the bays and into the Gulf.  Grouper are prized table fare, but very few fish caught in the bay will be of legal size, but they are great sport on light tackle.

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