Jacks are and underrated gamefish in Siesta Key, Florida!

Jack crevelle are a very aggressive, hard fighting fish that are found year round in Florida and provide great sport on light tackle.  They range from hand-sized fish up to twenty-plus pound bruisers.  There is no finesse with these fish, they just pull until they can’t pull any longer.  Jacks will hit almost any lure or bait; the key is finding them.  Jacks are normally schooled up in tight bunches and are quite competitive, resulting in an aggressive strike.  They have strong, dark meat and are not considered good to eat.


Often times anglers will see jacks feeding up on the surface, churning up the water as they go on a feeding spree.  Just about anything cast into the action will draw an instant strike.  In the cooler months jacks will be found up in Phillippi Creek and other deeper canals in Siesta Key.

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