Spanish mackerel fishing in Siesta Key

“Spanny macks” are a terrific gamefish, providing Siesta Key anglers with action, great battles, and excellent table fare when eaten fresh.  They are voracious feeders and will attack a fast moving lure or fly with reckless abandon.  Live bait will catch plenty of fish, too.  Spanish mackerel prefer water temperatures in the high 60’s to 80 degrees and are most numerous in the spring and again in the fall as they follow the baitfish migrations.  Huge schools can be seen feeding on the surface in both the Gulf of Mexico and inshore bays.


Mackerel are a “pelagic” species which means they migrate through the area, following the schools of baitfish that they feed on.  While the larger schools stay out in the Gulf of Mexico, many fish will move into Sarasota Bay through both Big Sarasota Pass and New Pass and scatter out onto the grass flats to feed.  Surf casters will do well fishing off of Siesta Key beaches as well.

Spanish mackerel