Flounder fishing in Siesta Key!

Flounder are another very popular target of anglers fishing from Siesta Key beaches.  Most of the flounder caught are Florida Gulf flounder, which do not grow as large as their Atlantic cousins.  They are often found near structure such as docks, bridges, and artificial reefs.  Flounder are also caught on the grass flats, usually lying in holes or along drop-offs, waiting to ambush a meal.  The rocky structure in Big Sarasota Pass is prime habitat as are the artificial reefs just offshore.


Flounder hang very close to the bottom, so that is where the bait or lure needs to be.  They will hit most live baits and a slowly bouncing jig will catch fish, too.  The strike will often times be subtle and feel like a snag as they lie on the bottom and inhale the bait.  Flounder are at the top of many anglers list when it comes to good eating!

Sarasota flounder