Best Saltwater Reel under $100

What is the best Saltwater Fishing Reel under $100?

Capt. Jim Klopfer runs fishing charters in Sarasota Florida. He has done so since 1991. In those decades, Capt. Jim has used many different saltwater fishing reels over the years. However, he has found one reel to be the best value for under $100.

The best saltwater fishing reel for under $100 is the Penn Fierce spinning reel. It has a large handle, making it easy to reel in a big fish. The Penn Fierce reel has a very smooth drag system. The spool on the Penn Fierce reel has an excellent capacity and works well with both braided and monofilament fishing line.

best saltwater fishing reel under $100

Why is the Penn Fierce the best saltwater fishing reel under $100?

Anglers have quite a few choices when it comes to choosing saltwater fishing reels. Fortunately, there are quite a few quality options for those who want to keep the purchase price under $100. As a charter boat captain in Florida, Capt. Jim has used quite a few different brands of saltwater fishing reels. Here are the reasons why he prefers the Penn Fierce reel over the other brands in that price range.

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This review of the Penn Fierce spinning reel is different from some others on the Internet in this regard. Many websites make “review” posts where they list the products with Amazon reviews. They do this just to sell them. This post is different in that Capt. Jim actually uses these reels and personally endorses them. He would not put his name behind them if you is not happy with their performance.

Large handle on the Penn Fierce reel

best saltwater fishing reel under $100

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Capt Jim likes reels with large handles. There is nothing more aggravating than needing to take up some slack or set the hook on a fish and the knob on the real handle is difficult to grasp. This is not the case with the Penn Fierce reel. Has a large handle which fits nicely into the angler’s hand.

Excellent spool on the Penn Fierce reel

The spool on the Penn Fierce reel has a very nice capacity given each reel size. This aids in both casting distance and comes in handy when anglers hook a large fish that makes a long run. Also, some reels do not seem to handle braided line as well as others do. In Capt. Jim’s experience, the Penn Fierce reel does very well with both monofilament and braided fishing line.

Quality drag system on the Penn Fierce reel

The drag system is an extremely important component on a saltwater fishing reel. One of the great aspects of saltwater fishing is that anglers never know what they might hook. It is not uncommon to be fishing for 2 pound fish and to hook a 20 pound fish. In this situation, it is important to have a very smooth drag system. This is the case on the Penn Fierce saltwater fishing reel.

The Penn Fierce reel is durable

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Saltwater is a harsh environment in which to be fishing. Salt spray seems to get everywhere and no matter how careful an angler is with his or her equipment, it is going to corrode. Capt. Jim is found through his years of charter fishing that the Penn Fierce reel is competitive with other reels in the price range in this aspect. Capt. Jim fishes 200 days a year, and his equipment needs to hold up.

The Fierce reel is available in many sizes

The Penn Fierce reel is available in all of the standard saltwater sizes. For the vast majority of inshore saltwater fishing that Capt. Jim does, the 3000 series is the perfect size. He matches it with a Shimano Convergence rod for his basic inshore fishing. The larger sizes are very popular among anglers who enjoy surf fishing.

The Penn Fierce saltwater fishing reel is an excellent value

best Sarasota fishing charter

Finally, it comes down to value. For between $70 and $100, depending on the size of the fishing reel, anglers get a quality product that will hold up to the rigors of saltwater fishing at a very affordable price. Anglers can certainly pay more and obtain a higher quality product. However, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money in order to go saltwater fishing.

Saltwater rod and reel combinations

As mentioned above, Capt. Jim normally pares his pen fierce reel with a Shimano Convergence 6 1/2 foot fishing rod. At $60, this puts the entire combo at about $130. This is a very reasonable and affordable price for a saltwater fishing rod and reel combination that has caught some pretty large fish.

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Anglers who want to step up the quality of the rod a bit might choose the St. Croix premier fishing rod. Capt. uses this on his specialty snook and jack crevelle trips. The main difference in this rod is the weight; it is a bit lighter than the Convergence rod. After a long day of hard casting, the reduced weight does make a difference.

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More saltwater fishing reels under $100

While Capt. Jim prefers the Penn Fierce spinning reel for anglers looking to spend less than $100, there are other options out there as well. Here are a few more saltwater fishing reels for under $100 that are a good value.

Kastking Sharky

best saltwater reels under $100

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The Kastking Sharky is a decent saltwater fishing reel at a very affordable price. At $60 for the 3000 series size, this is a bargain. Featuring a brand-new design, these spinning reels are designed to bring in trophy fish, regardless of water or weather conditions.

You’re going to love how the body and rotor are reinforced with a high percentage carbon fiber, making it the ultimate in comfort thanks to its lightweight design that you need for a long day on the water.

The KastKing Intrusion Shield System brings unique water-resistance for the spool, rotor, and body. In other words, it keeps dirt, grime, and water out of your reel, ensuring it’ll last season after season. Paired with the stainless-steel, oversized main shaft, and mesh manganese/brass pinion gears, this reel is sure to perform smoothly with every cast.

Shimano NASCI reel

NASCI reel

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The Shimano NASCI saltwater spinning reel is a good reel, but is right at the top of the $100 budget. NASCI is an exciting, powerful spinning reel with unparalleled gear durability at its price point. Incorporating upgraded drag, X-Ship and Hagane Gear. It’s a great choice for everything from light freshwater to medium saltwater applications.

Okuma Inspira reel

inspira reel

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The Okuma Inspira spinning reel has a lot of qualities for a reel under $100. It is a bit more susceptible to corrosion. Okuma INSPIRA spinning reels features the torsion control armor design and constructed of C-40X carbon make the reels extremely rigid and lightweight, also reduce twist and torque and keep all internal parts perfectly aligned for freshwater and inshore saltwater fishing.

– Light weight C-40X carbon frame and sideplates
– 8BB + 1RB stainless steel bearings
– Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing
– Precision machine cut brass pinion gear
– Rigid, forged aluminum, anodized handle
– Light weight, EVA handle knobs for comfort
– Precision Elliptical Gearing system
– Machined aluminum, 2-tone anodized spool
– Heavy duty, solid aluminum bail wire
– CFR: Cyclonic Flow Roto

In conclusion, this article on the best saltwater fishing reel under $100 will help anglers choose the best reel for their situation and budget.



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