Cobia will test an anglers skill while using light spinning tackle!

Cobia are a pelagic species ( they migrate up the coast in the spring and back down in the fall ) and are found mostly over structure in the inshore Gulf of Mexico off of the Sarasota beaches, but they are also caught on the flats inshore.  The deep grass flats near New Pass and Big Pass are the spots that cobia are usually caught on.  Often times they can be seen swimming along right under the surface.  For the most part, cobia are an incidental catch.


They are curious fish and will readily take a well-presented lure and seldom turn down a large shrimp or pinfish.  Cobia are fantastic on the table but must be 33” to the fork, so better to net them and not use a gaff unless you are sure they are legal.  Cobia are great fighters, but watch out for the row of spines on top.

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