Best small spinnerbait for Bass

What is the best small spinnerbait for bass fishing?

This article discusses the best small spinnerbait for bass fishing. Small spinnerbaits are excellent lures for anglers bass fishing. There are times when smaller baits are more productive. There are many spinnerbaits to choose from. However, there is one small spinnerbait that is a notch above the others.

small spinnerbait for bass


The best small spinnerbait for bass fishing is the Booyah Pond Magic spinnerbait. This lure is made from quality components. It weighs 3/16 of an ounce. The Pond Magic is available in six hand-picked colors which are designed to specifically match the forage most often found in smaller waters. These are the factors that set this lure apart from other small spinnerbaits.

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Best small spinnerbait for bass fishing

Bass and other game fish that are found in smaller bodies of water such as ponds, strip pits, and streams react differently than fish in larger lakes. Subtle presentations are often more productive. Also, the forage found in these areas is smaller as well. Bass are feeding on smaller sunfish, minnows, and crayfish as opposed to the larger shad that are available in lakes. As an added bonus, these small spinnerbaits will fool many other species such as smallmouth bass, bluegill and panfish, pike, walleye, striped bass, and more!

largemouth bass fishing in creeks

Small spinnerbaits are most effective when fished in shallow water. This ties in nicely for smaller waters as they are usually fairly shallow. Shoreline cover and submerged vegetation will hold a lot of fish. Downed trees are top spots as well.

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Anglers bass fishing with small spinners should start out with a slow, steady retrieve. Again, a more subtle approach is generally more productive on these smaller waters. If a steady retrieve does not work, anglers can experiment with faster or erratic retrieves.

Sarasota freshwater fishing

Match the hatch for best results

As mentioned above, the Booyah Pond Magic spinnerbaits are offered in six color patterns, specifically designed for smaller waters. This is one aspect that sets them apart from other lures. Anglers should analyze the lake to determine what the likely forage is and then choose a color pattern to match that forage.

Shallow, weedy lakes will usually be full of sunfish. “Firebug” and “Grasshopper” are excellent choices in these waters. Ponds and lakes with clear water and more gravel and rocks will have good populations of crayfish. “Craw” and “Red Ant” are better choices in waters such as this as well as streams and small rivers.

best pond fishing lures

Chartreuse and white are excellent all round universal colors. White works well in clear water and on bright, sunny days. Chartreuse is a terrific color that produces in just about all water conditions. The old saying, “if it ain’t chartreuse, it ain’t no use” is an apt one!

More spinnerbait tactics

There are a couple of other retrieves that will produce bass for anglers fishing with small spinnerbaits. At times bass will be very active. This usually occurs at dawn, dusk, and on cloudy days. Buzzing a spinnerbait just under the surface can produce some explosive strikes!

bass fishing tackle and equipment

This technique can also be productive over submerged vegetation. Bass will blow up out of holes to crush the lure. Many will miss it, and that is just part of the excitement. Buzzing the bait through open water, then letting it fall as it reaches fallen timber or a weed line can trigger strikes as well.

Another productive technique is “slow rolling” a spinnerbait. This is basically letting the lure sink down in the water column, then slowly retrieving it back in. If it bounces off a rock or bottom structure occasionally, so much the better. This works best on bright, sunny days after a cold front or when bass are less active.

Best tackle for bass fishing with small spinnerbaits

Anglers fishing in ponds and streams can choose either spinning or light baitcasting tackle. Both are fine for fishing for bass with small spinnerbaits. Spinning tackle is easier to use when casting fairly light lures and is the best choice for anglers with less experience.


A 7 foot medium light spinning rod with matching 30 size reel is an excellent combination for fishing for bass in ponds and small lakes. It works well for casting lighter lures while giving anglers a chance to land a nice fish in heavy cover. Most anglers opt for braided line, though monofilament line can certainly be used. 20 lb braid and 14 lb monofilament line are good choices.

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Anglers choosing a baitcasting rod and reel will do well with a similar combination. The rod needs to have a fairly limber tip in order to cast small spinnerbaits. A medium rod with a fast action, matching reel, and 20 lb braided line is a great all-round rig.

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Other productive small spinnerbaits

While the Booyah Pond Magic is the best small spinnerbait for anglers bass fishing in small waters, there are other productive small spinnerbaits. Two of the best are the Strike King Mini spinnerbait and the venerable Johnson Beetlespin spinnerbait. Both are very effective lures for largemouth bass, but will certainly catch crappie, pike, and most other freshwater game fish as well.

Strike King Mini Spinnerbait

best small spinnerbait for bass fishing

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The Strike King Mini Spinnerbait weighs in at 1/8 of an ounce. It is available in over a dozen color combinations. This is an excellent choice where anglers are fishing for more of a “mixed bag” as opposed to solely targeting largemouth bass.

smallmouth bass fishing for beginners

These lures come with a Tennessee diamond blade. This puts out a lot of flash, especially at slow retrieve speeds. There are color patterns to match every angling situation. They are also very modestly priced.

Johnson Beetlespin

Sarasota crappie fishing

The Johnson Beetlespin is a legendary small to tiny spinnerbait. It is a deadly lure for panfish, and that is where it earned it’s reputation. However, in the larger sizes it is an excellent lure for catching bass in ponds and small rivers. It is best used with light spinning tackle.

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The Beetlespin looks fairly drab in the package. However, do not let that fool you! These lures are extremely productive. When bass and other fish are being finicky, the Beetle spin can be a great choice. Generally, darker colors such as black and green are best.

Fishing rivers with small spinnerbaits

river fishing lures

Rivers are often overlooked by anglers bass fishing. This can be a mistake! Rivers offer anglers several advantages over larger lakes. Rivers are generally less pressured. They offer excellent scenery and solitude. Bass and other fish are much easier to locate, there simply is a lot less water.

Small spinnerbaits are perfect for fishing these smaller rivers and streams. Crayfish patterns work well as that is the forage available to the game fish. Spinnerbaits are also fairly weedless and will bounce off of rocks where other lures will hang up.

In conclusion, this article on the best small spinnerbait for bass fishing will add another technique to their arsenal!



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